Predator & Salt is an online fishing magazine, focused on bringing you fishing adventure and good fishing related photography. As a small group of friends, we started this project to show you a side of angling we strongly feel is increasingly less known. We aim to showcase angling as a way of life and experiencing adventures. With an emphasis on friendship, adventure, storytelling and sharing knowledge. For the past few years the angling world has been dominated by large corporations, paid reviews, commercialism and competition. It feels like we’ve lost the true essence of our passion – the ability to escape the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, even for a while, to spend time together in nature. We wanted to level the playing fields between small business owners that are the backbone of the fishing community and big companies, to promote local shops, guides, lure manufacturers and fly tiers, people living for their passion, not quarterly returns and excel tables. Our goal is to show angling as something that unites us, creates a community of like-minded people. To promote friendship, inclusiveness and conservation as aspects of our hobby. Our magazine is open access and done on a mostly non-commercial basis – we keep our costs low to make advertising with us affordable. Please consider supporting us via the link below. Your support is important to us and will allow us to continue providing you with the best quality content into the future.

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